STM unveils new indoor VSAT unit for maritime, business, government sectors

The Satellite 2013 tradeshow witnessed the debut of the SatLink 2910 indoor VSAT unit, the newest and highest capacity member of the SatLink family offered by STM Group, Inc. The new VSAT will enter commercial availability in the third quarter of 2013.


Based on the proven SatLink 2900 VSAT, the SatLink 2910 has triple the throughput of its older sibling. It supports rates of up to 150 Mbps for multicast or streaming IP data, and can handle interactive IP traffic and bulk file transfers with similarly high levels of throughput.

The SatLink 2910 supports the DVB-RCS2 standard. Capable of efficient link performance with ACM on DVB-S2 carriers and delivering enhanced performance on TDMA carriers through the use of ACM per burst, the new VSAT can also deliver higher return link throughputs and much higher link availability. It supports up to 8 Msps (Mega-samples per second) for TDMA carriers and delivers up to 24 Mbps in information rates over return links.

The new VSAT supports all satellite bands, including the legacy Ku-band and the new Ka-band. STM had both the powerful Ku-/Ka-band High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) and the conventional Ku-band satellites in mind when designing the SatLink 2910. The STM indoor VSAT unit can thus enable efficiency gains of up to 250% in certain maritime and mobile markets. It also features plenty of value-added IP networking features such as mesh networking among VSATs and has a built-in 8-carrier mesh TDMA burst receiver to ensure excellent performance of the mesh network.

STM will be offering its new VSAT product to customers in maritime and other professional markets that require multimedia services over satellite broadband. The SatLink 2910 is also capable of delivering demanding specialized applications to large commercial enterprises and government ministries.

The SatLink 2910 will use the VSAT Antenna Control Protocol (VACP) in mobile VSAT markets such as the maritime VSAT sector. STM developed VACP to perform seamless beam and satellite handovers for mobile VSATs when roaming or experiencing blockages. The open protocol is supported by most satellite antenna manufacturers.

Furthermore, the SatLink 2910 is fully configured and automatically controlled from the Hub. It does not need to download configuration files or require any manual actions during beam handovers.

STM VSAT systems are the only available products that support the DVB-RCS2 standard. Composed of every best-in-class technology available, the DVB-RCS2 standard ensures possible overheads stay at the minimum and while ensuring bandwidth is utilized to the utmost. It also ensures the highest throughputs and best efficiency by eliminating the need to configure return carriers in SCPC mode.

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