Telesat to provide advanced maritime broadband capacity for OmniAccess

VSAT service provider and network integrator OmniAccess expanded its business partnership with global FSS operator Telesat by signing a contract for additional capacity. Under the agreement, Telesat will deliver Ku-band capacity for OmniAccess using its Telstar 12 satellite.

Positioned at 15 degrees west, Telstar 12 has always been the preferred choice of customers who want to have connectivity between the Europe-Middle East region and the United States. Leveraging its strong coverage of Europe, Telesat’s service makes it all the more attractive to providers like OmniAccess which have the expertise and ground infrastructure to meet the demands for maritime broadband services in the Mediterranean and inland waterways all over Europe.

“OmniAccess has partnered with Telesat for several years now and we’ve found that their technical expertise and responsiveness provide us with real advantages for capturing new business,” said OmniAccess CEO Bertrand Hartman. “We also made the strategic decision to upgrade our capabilities at the OmniAccess Teleport in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and will access this additional Telstar 12 capacity with iDirect’s powerful new X7 series modem – a world first! This increased commitment to Telstar 12 enhances our expanding global network offering and will enable OmniAccess to deliver superior maritime broadband performance to customers operating in the Mediterranean and on inland waterways across Europe.”

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