New Winegard skid for WX VSAT antenna optimized for oil and gas industry


Winegard has debuted a new, customized antenna skid for its WX-series VSAT auto-deploy antennas. The new products are designed specifically for the needs of the oil and gas industry, which often requires rapid deployment of assets in hostile environments and times when a technician is rarely available.

The VSAT (very small aperture terminal) satellite antenna is housed inside the skid. A shock-absorbent isolation frame protects the antenna and sensitive components from rough movements. The skid is designed to also increase the package’s portability and maneuverability.

The Winegard skid has a host of unique features to hasten antenna deployment and keep setup time to a minimum. These features include a cable reel while houses transmit, receive, and power cables that are 150 feet in length; built-in bubble levels; and a Pelican Case to securely store the VSAT controller during shipping.

In addition, the new skid does not require skilled (and handsomely-paid) technicians to set up, take down, or move the antenna. Anyone can put the skid in the place it’s needed, open the lid, plug the three cables into the control center, attach the controller, and start the system by pressing one button. The VSAT system will deploy its antenna, find the right satellite, and stay locked on to that signal.

Winegard has already offered skids of similar design for its SPA and SF VSAT antenna systems. Its WX-1200 antennas bear CE, GOST-R, and Peru Homologation certificates and have been cleared for international use. Countries that operate Winegard VSAT antenna systems and controllers included the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russia, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Scotland.



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